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Study in Panama

Why study Spanish in Panama?

There are so many reasons to come to Panama. If your score is study language specially Spanish you are in the best place in Centro America to go through.

Let me show you what Panama has to you…….

Panamá, geographically speaking is a transit place between South America and Center America. Bordering with Costa Rica to the North and Colombia to the south has the Caribbean Sea on the right and Pacific Ocean on the left. Panama is probably the big unknown in the area although has so many things to offer to the travelers.

It is easy to get on. Today Panama City receives more and more international attention, airlines are focusing on that destination. You can find direct flies from everywhere around the world.

This is the moment to come to Panamá to see this with your own eyes.

It has modern infrastructures. Transport is important and Panama has the first metro line in Centro America The transport in Panama is good, cheap, clean and especially safe, both in town but outside very easy way.

High speed internet, a developed banking sector, first-rate hotels and restaurants. Additionally, highway infrastructure, telecommunications, and business services are excellent.

The relationship with the Panamanian is very good they are open, comfortable, and friendly toward foreigners, and many people speak English. Dollar currency makes easy everything

Panama is well known to be a very safe country and we are not only speaking about criminal actions, Panama is also safe of natural disaster like Hurricane or earthquake.

Activities and nature diving, snorkeling, surfing, sailing on the amazing and paradisiac  beaches and canopy tours, hiking from coast to coast, camping, rock climbing, and even rappelling opportunities on the mountains and idyllic villages.

Panamá antiguo versus Panama Moderno. Panama is a very rich country culturally speaking. Casco Antiguo, the old colonial city, is kept in perfect conditions to show the travelers how was that beautiful city in that time in opposition with the fantastic new buildings along to La CInta Costera, some of the biggest malls in the world, incredible parks, restaurants, discothèques and everything to makes the night life in Panama something unforgettable.

And all of this is only a small portion of what you can find in that incredible country.

There are many and many things that you can discover and enjoy if you decided come to Panama to study with us.