What Types Of Courses Do We Offer?

Private classes

Intensive classes with predefined objectives that lead the student through a series of structured sections to ensure optimal results.

Group classes

For a small number of students (3-5 people). Carefully selected according to their knowledge and affinities, they are working together to improve and accelerate learning.


For all levels. An activity that is offered in Panama exclusively by ICAS. Groups of students of the same level who want to practice their conversation skills, directed and controlled by a qualified teacher.

Parents Asimilation Program

Language program specially focused to international schools with the purpose of offering languages courses for expatriates in order to helping them on the adaptation process, learning the languages and encouraging social relationship.

Language for Specific Purposes

courses focus on developing communication skills in a specific discipline, such as finance, marketing, management, human resources, engineering. Emphasis is given to the language and communication requirements in a particular professional field.

After School Activities

Different activities carefully prepared in other to the children learn the language while playing and having fun; in addition they relate well to each other and enhance their skills. Such as Art, cooking, music and others Activities.

What does ICAS offer you?

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    Personalized Attention.
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    The prospect of learning languages in a playful, didactic, fun and very effective way.
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    Interview with the student to determine his/her level and how he/she would like to learn the language.
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    Special program (Plan ICAS), result of many years of research and practices teaching languages around the world.
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    Dynamic teachers with a higher education, specialized in ELE, grammar and teaching methodologies.
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    Language courses of 30 hours a week, twice a week, individuals or in groups.