Our Plan ICAS

The foundation of ICAS’s success is the Plan ICAS – a path of 12 different stages that the student takes during the Learning Spanish, to master the language eficciently.

The Plan ICAS divides the different language levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, …) in 30-hour courses (stages) which are carefully prepared and controlled in accordance with the needs of the student. Like this the student can overcome every step until a total control of the Spanish language has been obtained.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: ” Feel Good Learning “, We have developed the best method in order to learning Spanish in the most successful way having fun and enjoying the classes. Once you start you won´t finish never.

Elements Of The Plan ICAS


Our Process of Teaching Spanish

The process is the sequence of actions executed by both ICAS and the student which ensures that the transition from one stage to another of the Plan ICAS is successfully completed:

Interview with the student to determine his/her level and how he/she would like to learn the language Study of the needs of the student or group; Preparation of a personalized program; Course objectives are clearly defined to ensure progressive learning; Global learning skills; Spiral learning process where each stage embraces the previously learned topics;Reflection on what you learn and how you learn; Periodic monitoring activities; Exam after 30 hours of class that will determine the access to the next level.


Qualified Teachers

“Not everyone can teach a language.”

In line with this statement, ICAS takes great care in selecting the people it works with. ICAS spanish teachers must meet the following requirements:

A licensed teacher with an ELE (Español como lengua extranjera) degree with teaching experience in the best institutions.
A dynamic teacher, active, innovative and resourceful.
An expert in grammar and knowledgeable of the existing methodologies.
A teacher who adapts his methods and lessons based on the student’s needs.
A group manager that brings out the best of each student with the aim of getting the group to advance in the most effective way.
A teacher that prepares his materials according to the type of group he is in charge of.
The quality of the ICAS teacher is vital in the Plan ICAS.


Best Teaching Methods

“Everyone can learn a language but each one needs to find the most appropriate way to do so.”

Grammar or communication? Deductive or inductive? Listen or talk? Oral or written? Traditional or innovative? In the meta language or in my own language? All these questions should arise when someone wants to learn a second language.

Teaching methods for a second language are numerous and have evolved throughout history to make learning more effective. Yet, none has succeeded one hundred percent. After many years of experience and testing, ICAS decided to take the best of each method and apply them according to the student’s needs.

The strategy must be clear and precise so that students feel comfortable in the way they learn, decided on by the teacher and the students themselves. The methods for teaching in groups are the most elaborated strategies of ICAS and here is where we are getting the best results.

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