Our History

ICAS was founded with the aim of finding a new and innovative way to teach Spanish. Three young professionals from the world of teaching and economics with international training and experience create in downtown Panama City the center of Spanish language studies,  ICAS-Instituto de Castellano. Working hard, they managed to place their school in a very short time among the most popular institutions in the city.

ICAS has developed a new way of teaching Spanish in Panama based on the recognition of the student’s needs as well as the constant innovation in the courses it offers.

Today, ICAS represents the future of teaching Spanish.

What do We do


Learn a Language

Do you want to travel around the world or work wherever you want without problems?


Teacher Courses

Do you want to have many more proffesional chances both in your Country as in any Country in the World?


International Courses

Do you want to live an amaizing experience and adventure studing Spanish in the Caribbean?

Our Directors

Noelia Gomez

With a degree in Humanities and a Masters degree in teaching Spanish as a foreign language she soon enrolled at the Instituto Cervantes in one of its prestigious courses where she performed the necessary practices to become a Spanish teacher.

While teaching Spanish at different institutions she did not cease her study of teaching a second language, implementing in her classes innovative and varied techniques. With the founding of ICAS her aim is that her methods and knowledge shall reach all possible places.


Ladislao Ortiz

 With a degree in Hispanic Philology and specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, he has taught Spanish for the last 14 years to students worldwide.

Professor at the Instituto Cervantes in Kuala Lumpur, as well as in many universities, he has always used observation and study to find the most effective way to learn Spanish easily. He founded ICAS with the aim to spread his knowledge and experience among students around the globe.